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5 IT Jobs to Help You Get Started in the Technology Industry

In the not-so-distant past, those who dreamed of landing IT jobs made their way to Silicon Valley. However, in today’s world of expanding technologies and technological advances, it’s easier than ever to find IT jobs throughout the US. In fact, Tampa, FL, Huntsville, AL, Phoenix, AZ, and Albany, NY, are considered to be some of the best cities for technology jobs.

The employment outlook for technology careers is good, too, with a 12% increase projected between 2018 and 2028 for this field. Not to mention, IT jobs can be exciting and allow for innovation and career advancement. With these facts in mind, many candidates new to the job market are looking to launch technology careers. Many experienced hires are looking to transition from their current career path to consider the technology careers available to them as well. Below is a list of 5 technology jobs that can help launch computer science careers for those just starting in the field.


1. Web Developer IT Jobs

Given that Web Developer IT Jobs can be found in virtually any company that has a web presence, individuals may wonder how to become a developer. As with many of the jobs listed in this post, it’s helpful to have an associate or bachelor’s degree to get your foot in the door with a company. Still, if you have a solid portfolio and client references to support your work, then you might be golden because the proof is in the results. You can also take extensive training and obtain web development certifications to learn how to become a developer if you don’t have the time or resources to go through a degree program.


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2. Help Desk Technician

A Help Desk Technician solves end-user and customer problems when operating computer software and systems. They also train users on how to utilize computer hardware and software and provide or assist with system updates when required. It’s an excellent position for someone just starting in the industry who wants exposure to lots of potential IT issues to learn and move up the ladder.


3. Business Systems Analyst

Business Systems Analysts work with managers and employees to determine the needs of IT systems for the organization, as well as individual departments. The goal is to optimize procedures and information processing and to recommend new systems and improvements to current ones.


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4. Database Administrator

Landing a Database Administrator job can be a significant step to segue into the IT industry and then move up into other positions. A Database Administrator modifies databases based on the needs of end users and updates those databases as new requirements emerge. They oversee the maintenance and implementation of software, so the data is configured correctly to meet business needs as well.


5. Systems Administrator

A Systems Administrator, also referred to as a Network Administrator, puts measures in place to optimize network performance and resolve network issues. They also install and maintain local area intranets, communications systems (i.e., phone lines), and networks.


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The 5 jobs listed here are great options for those looking to pursue computer science careers. Check out awesome IT jobs in your area to get started.

By iHire | November 06, 2019
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