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5 Skills Needed to Work Remotely to Add to Your Resume

With more jobs moving to remote or hybrid work positions, employers are looking for candidates who have the necessary skills to successfully work from home. The best resume skills for remote work differ slightly from those who work in the office. Candidates need to show off the skills needed to work remotely when creating their resumes. Here are the top five skills needed for a remote job resume.


1. Time Management Skills

One of the benefits of working from home is that you have increased flexibility with your time. There are jobs that don’t require you to “punch the timecard” every day, so you won’t necessarily be bound by a schedule. This can lead to some people taking it easy and not maintaining consistency. That’s why time management skills are so essential. Prospective employers will want to see that you can manage your time while working remotely, so be sure to include specific examples on your resume of when you handled multiple projects effectively or consistently met deadlines.


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2. Ability to Work Independently

Employers won’t be able to look over the shoulders of their remote workers every day. So, when hiring remote employees, they want to know the individual can complete their duties independently. Even though you’ll have plenty of virtual tools at your fingertips and be able to communicate with others, you probably won’t get the quick feedback you typically would when working at the office. One of the main skills needed for online jobs is the ability to work independently, and you can showcase this on your resume by highlighting goals and accomplishments you achieved on your own.


3. Best IT Skills for Remote Work

Remote work requires IT skills. You need to be tech-savvy because you will be using technology to do your job and stay connected to your work team on a daily basis.

You don’t have to be an IT professional, but you should have proficiency in the common software programs that people use to work remotely. Employers will want to see that you can navigate tools like email, project management software, video call software (like Zoom or Google Hangouts), and work apps (like Slack). Become familiar with these tools, and if you don’t know how to use these, there are free online training and videos to assist you. Having the best IT skills for remote work will give your resume an edge over the competition.

On your resume, create a separate skills section that lists out the software programs you are knowledgeable in, or work those keywords into your existing skills section.


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4. Solid Communication Skills

Communication skills are necessary whether you are working at the office or not. However, they are even more essential when doing remote work because you won’t be face-to-face with your coworkers and managers. There is a chance for misunderstandings or confusion if your communication skills are not up to par. It’s especially crucial that your written communication skills are strong because that might be your main way of communicating with your coworkers.

While communication is considered a soft skill, you can still demonstrate it by applying with a well-written resume and cover letter. Within your application, you can also highlight examples of when you collaborated effectively with others.


5. Team Player Skills

Just because you’re working alone at home doesn’t mean you won’t be a team player. You need to be accountable to the team by fulfilling your duties on time, doing them well, and keeping everyone in the loop to any changes. Include instances of when you worked well as a part of a team on your resume.


Highlighting these top skills needed for online jobs is vital for securing your desired position as you work from home. So, get out your resume and work on updating it. Be sure to mention these skills and your resume will stand out from the crowd. For more remote job advice, whether you're job hunting or preparing for your first remote role, check out our Resource Center.

By iHire | March 21, 2022
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