Posting a Job Ad

To post a new job, visit the Manage Jobs section, select Add Job, then follow the prompts to provide the following job posting information:

  • Step 1 - Job Details
    • Enter you job title, location, and job description.  You may type or copy and paste.  If you want to keep your ad confidential, check the box to the right of your title.
    • Use our Job Optimizer to see how effective your job ad is likely to be.  Click the prompt at the bottom of the description "Help me optimize my job" for your score.  Recommended keywords will be displayed in the right column.  Adding them to your job ad will help to attract more qualitified candidates. 
    • Complete the optional fields under the job description.
  • Step 2 - Job Application
    • You may include optional prescreening questions, either from the provided list, or create your own.
    • You may include an optional voluntary self-idenitfication form for OFCCP compliance.
    • Choose the email address(es) where you would like applications to go, or enter the URL for external applications.  
    • Indicate whether or not you a require a resume with the application. (Not requiring a resume can help you to get more responses from candidates on mobile devices.)
  • Step 3 -  Select a Community
    • If we've recommended the correct community and title, continue to the next step.
    • If we aren't sure which community is best for your job, you may choose from our recommendations or "Search Communities" in the search box provided.
    • When you have selected a community, select the title that best matches your open position.‚Äč
  • Step 4 - Review and Finalize
    • Click "Preview My Posting" to see what it will look like to candidates
    • Click "Post Job Now" 
    • Select 30- or 60-day posting and optional upgrades.
  • Improve your posting and make stronger candidate connections by including your company logo, description, and video.  Go to  My Organization to add free branding.

If you need help posting a job, please call Customer Success at 877-316-4111, Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST. 

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